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springbank 15 Rum wood

springbank 15 Rum wood

one of the expression from springbank the 15 yearsold Rumwood. Highly collectable.


    Made from Rum barrels, 51% abv
    Only 9000 bottle made
    Taste: reviewed by Archer on whisky base
    "Lays creamy and smooth on the tongue, makes itself right there, immediately fills the entire mouth. Strong, yet silky flattering. Warmed apricots and peaches, honey, cotton candy, caramel. Fresh wood comes quickly, as well as a salty-earthy note. Salt water and a dry pile of autumn leaves? Something like that. Grated hazelnuts and almonds. Over time, cinnamon, coriander, thyme and marjoram. The spice dries up, but does not push the sweet fruit notes, which at times present themselves as 100% fruit compote, into the background. Café au lait, marzipan bread, fresh bread dough.


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