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Springbank 25 2020

Springbank 25 2020

Top of springbank core range. One of 1200 bottles ever produced on 2020. 
Highly rated among all the whisky enthusiams.


    50% bourbon cask and 50% sherry cask.
    46% abv
    highly sought after

    The aroma is restrained, rich, sweetish. Herbiness, needles, many sweet citrus fruits.We stood there and breathed ..... Spicy spices, cherry jam, vanilla, berry sourness, minerality. Noble tobacco, freshly baked pastries, red currants, raspberries. Honey in fumigated combs, a hint of an industrial theme, and motor oil ..The taste is rich, thick, enveloping, buttery sweetish. Citrus fruits, vanilla, noble tobacco and wood, minerality, dark chocolate, berry jam, citrus zest, some spices, ginger.Finish - enveloping, oily, long-lasting. A little spicy spices, honey comb, dark chocolate, ginger, tobacco. Long and pleasant woody sillage.Conclusion: A noble malt, with whom you want to spend time. So restrained and aristocratic that he does not reveal all the cards at once, but, as it were, hints, give me more attention and your efforts will be rewarded at times. Word by word, you learn more and more about your interlocutor, new aromas and tastes open up, but this is no longer important.reviewd by whisky_garage on whiskybase



    Dropping off within 10km from Mount Waverley. Standard shipping from Australian post or shipping with insurance.

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