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The Nikka 12

The Nikka 12

The  result of Nikka effort trying to reopen yoichi and miyagikyo distileries. The nikka 12 is their supreme blended contain also grain whisky. 


    Mixed between grain and malt, this Nikka is surely a highly collectable whisky with a very presentable decanter (using the image of kimono neck). 
    Taste: The nose is very elegant on nuts, raisins, caramel, cherries, plums and green tea. There is even a hint of condensed, sugared milk in there! Then a truckload of caramel and some cinnamon, banana and peach. Surprisingly round and very nice.It is pretty oily, honey-sweet and a tad boozy on pear drops, peach from a can, pineapple, toffee and raisins. Nice spiciness in the guise of ginger, toasted oak and cinnamon.The finish is long on dried fruit, caramel and wood spices. Only in the finish do I get some typical grain whisky notes, which I find extraordinary. A hint of candied orange peel at the end.

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